Plomberie Outaouais : understanding the customer

Plomberie Outaouais : understanding the customer

Rightly or wrongly, the term plumbing usually evokes a climate of uncertainty. In other words, it is unlikely that a client would call a plumber for good news. The reasons are many: new construction, expense; busted pipe, expense; renovation, expense and intrusion of privacy. Not reassuring. Few would immediately associate plumbing with comfort and even cleanliness. So, rare are stories, like that of Nicole …

Outaouais plumbers that are understanding

Displaying an infectious smile, Nicole was quick to mention that Plomberie Outaouais improved her quality of life when things were hanging by a thread. We had just opened the door of Nicole’s home; we were far from her new bathroom. Following complications from a bone marrow transplant, Nicole suffered a blow when she noticed that her condition would limit her movements forever.

Although grateful for still being alive, her morale was very low. An active woman and former model, she struggled to take a shower after the big operation. She struggled daily with the configuration and layout of her bathroom. When her body did not cooperate, her own bathroom was thumbing its nose at her.

Until she found Plomberie Outaouais. She made several searches without connecting with a company in the National Capital area. Quotes: she was exhausted. Yet she was a client willing to get help. But her exhaustion quickly turned into relief when she learned that Plomberie Outaouais would redo her bathroom, and it would be completely adapted to her limitations. My gut tells me that infectious smile remained as an interior designer was part of the process.

Project management, installation and comfort

Moreover, the Gatineau company reassured her: Plomberie Outaouais acts as a general contractor. No searching: she was relieved. Is that not the point? And to top it off, they were clean! And experienced! Few people are comfortable when there are unknown people in their home daily; it takes up room and robs you of privacy. But the Plomberie Outaouais experts exuded a professionalism that reassured Nicole.

And the look? “People do not see all the details that help me greatly in the bathroom. Yet, there are plenty! The Plomberie Outaouais team managed to camouflage everything, while keeping everything easy and functional. When a friend visits my bathroom, she does not know that the shower, cabinets and electrical outlets were custom made and are strategically placed. It’s so beautiful. “The designer captured what I wanted”, states the client.

Nicole is not fully healed. That said, the trained consultants at Plomberie Outaouais understood the needs of the client and acted accordingly in implementing the bathroom project, both in the specific features and ergonomic design.

All our best thoughts to Nicole.