The Plomberie Outaouais team has more than 5 consultants with several years of experience that are experts in the field. Depending on your needs, each of our experts assists you in realizing your interior design ideas or your house plans. They also help to solve all your plumbing problems. Our first goal is to guide you and advise you. Thus, the subject of our first publication. Perhaps you recognize yourself?

Problems and Emergencies

As in store consultants, we often hear the same stories! Today we wanted to share with you some of these stories, which often cause, rightly or wrongly, a sens of uncertainty towards the word, plumbing.

  • I hired a team to do some renovations. The team had to come and complete the work but I am not able to reach anyone.
  • My father-in-law started some renovations in our bathroom. Everything needs to be redone because he did not use the right materials for the ceramic walls. We are here because we need expert advice.
  • We believe we have finally finished our work that has been going on for more than two months! We’ve had access to our bathroom for only a week. It seems that the work was poorly done as the kitchen ceiling is now flooded.
  • Our bathroom is complete! However, the faucet for the shower is not working properly.
  • Our bathroom is complete, the final results looks great but there is a problem with the access to the shower. The toilet blocks our access. This is a major design problem. I have no recourse.

Did you know that a complete bathroom renovation costs around $ 20,000? This is a major and expensive renovation! Nobody wants to have to start again or to live through the horror stories listed above.

Organizing renovation projects

Your contractor should have qualified and reliable partners and suppliers. Before starting the work, delivery of materials, plumbing fixtures, tile, vanity, fixtures, etc. must be confirmed. From demolition to final touches, the work should not last more than three weeks. Your general contractor is responsible for coordinating all trades teams and the mandates given to them. However, it is not his responsibility to arrange the space, to determine ceramic layout, or to design a vanity that fits your needs.

This part belongs to the designer. The designer will develop an elevated 3D plan so you can see your renovated room even before the work has started. He will offer different choices of materials, colours and design when necessary. This is what prompted us to offer turnkey projects. You get a designer with 20 years of experience, our team of qualified plumbers and our experienced entrepreneurs to make sure you can rest easy. Plomberie Outaouais takes charge of your project! Each design is unique! To get expert advice on the steps you should take to start your renovations, please contact our consultants who will be pleased to guide you.